The high level of personal service from CBBI
clearly sets us apart from the others.

As your collection agency, CBBI puts more than state-of-the-art automation into work covering your accounts. Our success rate is built on close, ongoing contact, repeated, systemized follow-through, and the total professionalism of our collectors. Our collectors receive continual training in the most effective and up-to-date methods of collecting accounts. CBBI has highly trained medical collectors who are knowledgeable of insurance policies and filings, HIPAA guidelines, and the FDCPA, and they know that excellent patient relations skills are crucial to successful medical debt collection.

Our approach, combined with our innovative full-service collection system, lets you control your collections 24/7. This technology gives you real-time access to all your accounts. You can access the current balance, payments made, letters sent, and account status.

CBBI offers competitive rate programs backed by our “No Collection, No Fee Guarantee.” ¬†With no upfront setup fees, CBBI’S contingency fee structure aligns their interests with their clients, focusing on successful debt recovery.

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