About Us

"Your advocate in receivables and collections"

The Credit Bureau of Bessemer, Inc, has been a financially strong and stable partner since 1948. In today's growing complexity of accounts receivable management, cash flow is critical. Our client's have found it to be cost effective and efficient to outsource their past due accounts to us. We handle your accounts on a contingency fee and we have no upfront fees or sign up charges for our collection services. If we do not collect we will not charge a fee for our services.

As a full debt collection service we are dedicated to preserving our client's image and our reputation while increasing the percentage of bad debt recovery for our client's.

CBBI has implemented a series of proactive work standards and cross checks in order to better facilitate our client's needs and to ensure the proper handling of accounts. By utilizing these tools, CBBI is able to assuredly execute its collection processes without violation of state and federal regulations.

We offer consistent follow up procedures and our collections personnel utilize collection techniques for payment in full without intimidation, threats, harassment, deception or disclosure of personal and confidential information. Our collection counselors are well trained and follow the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act to the letter of the law. Each account is handled with respect and dignity which results in more opportunities to resolve the debt realistically and promptly.

CBBI is a well proven contractor with a reputation of providing responsible, professional and reliable collection services. We are confident that our commitment to providing exceptional service will set the Credit Bureau of Bessemer, Inc apart from it competition.