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Welcome to the Credit Bureau of Bessemer, Inc.

The Credit Bureau of Bessemer, Inc. is proud to say we have over sixty years of experience in the collection industry. We have extensive experience managing and collecting accounts receivable in all clienteles, including medical, dental, utilities, retail, financial services, and rental properties.

The Credit Bureau of Bessemer, Inc. is committed to using fair and effective debt collection practices. Our professional approach to collection services is designed to preserve and maintain our client’s image.

Toll Free: 1-866-428-7323

“Birmingham Radiological Group, P.C. has done business with Credit Bureau of Bessemer for 30 years.

We have always enjoyed a professional, yet friendly and pleasant relationship with their staff. They are efficient, thorough, and dependable. At at time when customer service is often lacking in conducting the day-to-day business transactions we all perform, Credit Bureau of Bessemer definitely proves the exception.”
Birmingham Radiological Group, P.C.